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Heather Sparling

Chicago, IL

M: 734.945.9995

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Laura and the Sea

The Fly Honey Show 10

If I Forget

La Havana Madrid

First Love is the Revolution

The Grelley Duvall Show

We Are Proud To Present...

Little Women the Musical

A Christmas Carol

Scientific Method

The Fly Honey Show 9

Felons Y Familias

Empower Youth!

The Burn

The Fly Honey Show 8

La Havana Madrid

The Heart of Robin Hood

Twelfth Night

Ethereal Abandonment

La Havana Madrid


The Haven Place

The Midnight Society

Longer! Louder! Wagner!

The Fly Honey Show 7

Kin Folk

See Jane Sing!

The Awake

The Unfortunates

The Way She Spoke


Sketchbook '16

Citizens Anthology

The Fly Honey Show 6

The Salts

Forgotten Future

Crime Scene Tour 2014

Labapalooza 2014

Dome of Dance

The Pigeoning

Labapalooza 2013

Tango y Maria de Buenos Aires

Salt of the Earth

Labapalooza 2012


Little Dog Laughed

Labapalooza 2011


The Interminable Suicide of                Gregory Church


Devon De Mayo

Jess Hutchinson

Devon De Mayo

Erin Kilmurray

Devon De Mayo

Cheryl Lynn Bruce

Devon De Mayo

Alex Grelle

Hallie Gordon + Gabbie Randle

Dennis Elkins

Dennis Elkins

Devon De Mayo

Erin Kilmurray

Marcela Munoz

Jess McLeod

Devon De Mayo

Erin Kilmurray

Cheryl-Lynn Bruce

Shanara Gabrielle

Joseph Hanreddy

Ellyzabeth Adler

Cheryl-Lynn Bruce

Kristina Vlada-Vars

Stephen Wilson

Ike Holter

Anneliese Toft

Erin Kilmurray

Evan Linder

Jane Lynch

Josh Altman

Kurt Johns

Laura Baker

John Ross Wilson

Anthony Moseley

Gus Menary

Erin Kilmurray

Erin Kilmurray

Sarah Moeller

Anthony Mosely

Matt Atcheson

Anthony Mosely

Robin Frohardt

Matt Atcheson

Jose-Maria Condemi

Zvi Sahar

Matt Atcheson

Tara Lynn Sen

Patrick Vassel

Matt Atcheson

Jim Milton

Daniel Kitson


Rivendell Theatre Ensemble

North Central College

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble

The Inconvenience

Victory Gardens Theatre

Teatro Vista & Collaboraction

Steep Theatre Company

The Hideout

Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Thingamajig Theater Company

Thingamajig Theater Company

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble

The Inconvenience

Chicago Dramatists

Lyric Unlimited

Steppenwolf Theatre Company

The Inconvenience

Teatro Vista at the Goodman Theatre

Door Shakespeare

Door Shakespeare

DanzTheatre Chicago Ensemble

Teatro Vista at Steppenwolf

The New Colony

A Red Orchid Theatre

Oracle Theatre

Lyric Opera of Chicago & Second City

The Inconvenience

The New Colony

Lyric Opera of Chicago

First Floor Theater

Solo Chicago Theatre

Greenhouse Theater

Under the Rug Theater


The Inconvenience

The Inconvenience

The Inconvenience



St. Ann's Warehouse

Electric Forest

HERE Arts Center

St. Ann's Warehouse

Florida Grand Opera

Jewish Plays Project NYC

St. Ann's Warehouse

Boston Ctr. for American Performance

Gallery Players

St. Ann's Warehouse

Workshop Theater NYC

St. Ann's Warehouse


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Work Experience
Assistant Lighting Designer - Lyric Opera of Chicago

2013 - 2019

Work on a staff of three lighting designers to facilitate the production of eight operas in rep over the course of six months. More specifically, the tracking and updating of all followspot paperwork, as well as coaching new followspot operators on each show. Duties also include refocusing for repertory changeovers, and the updating and archiving of show paperwork for future remounts and reproductions.

Lighting Supervisor - Florida Grand Opera

2012 - 2013

Work with visiting lighting designers, a visiting intern, and a team of 8 full-time electricians to load in, focus, tech, and open four productions in Miami. Track all changes and update all paperwork. Maintain artistic integrity of three operas we toured to Fort Lauderdale. Archive all drawings and paperwork. Maintain a balanced budget.

Technical Director/Assistant Technical Director - St. Ann's Warehouse NYC

2010 - 2012

Work with international design teams to achieve the artistic vision of each production. plan and execute the relocation of the theater to another warehouse. oversee construction and building of the new venue. Maintain balanced budgets for each production.

Lighting Manager - University of Chicago


Responsibility for all lighting needs of the Committee of Theatre and Performance Studies (TAPS). Includes the maintenance of all rehearsal and performance spaces' rep plots, updating inventory, hiring professional stagehands for work calls, and mentoring non-major student designers

2010 - present

2010 - present

BFA Boston University


Ann Arbor Pioneer High School



ETC Programming

High End Programming

Classically Trained Pianist

Vectorworks 12.5-2020

Lightwright 4-6

Microsoft Office

Adobe Acrobat




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